Book Series


Smexy Phantasies

Rachel Nichols works at the switchboard with her best friend Lisa Farmer for a local television station. Lisa and Rachel have been best friends since the second grade and have done almost everything together. The one thing they never admitted, though, is that they are attracted to each other.
Money is tight for both of them, Lisa’s mom was in a bad car accident and has a bunch of medical bills and Rachel’s mom has a gambling problem. Lisa recently started a second job to help with the bills. The job? She works at Smexy Studios making sex videos with people who have fantasies. When her shoot is canceled, she gets Rachel to come and shoot the video with her.
Justin Abernathy and Steve Westmoreland, like Rachel and Lisa, have been best friends since elementary school. Justin is the quarterback and Steve the running back for the same professional football team and they are secretly lovers. When rumors start to circulate about their relationship, Justin and Steve enlist the help of Rachel and Lisa to pretend that they are lovers. They decide to make a video that will be “leaked” to the media.


Bridget’s Phantasies

(Smexy Phantasies Book 2)

Bridget Parker has worked for Scott Davis’ company Davis Industries for the past six months. Her life up until now has not been an easy one. Her mother was a drug addict that always chose men and drugs over her daughter. Bridget is summoned to Scott’s office unexpectedly. When she arrives she is in for a shock when she sees her mother sitting in the office.
Her mother had used Bridget’s credentials to log in and embezzle funds from Scott’s business accounts. She offers Bridget’s services in exchange for them dropping the charges.
Scott and his head of security Nick have more than a working relationship. They also like to share women. It was well known around the company that women came and went very quickly. Most of them tried to go after Scott and his money. 
Bridget had seen them in the elevator and wanted them ever since. She even had named her favorite vibrators after them. When her mother embezzles from Scott’s company she knows that her fantasy of being with them will never happen. But Nick and Scott are not going to let her go that easily.


Phantasy House

(Smexy Phantasies Book 3)

Newly divorced Heather White arrives in Los Angeles for the chance to start her life over. She hopes by being picked to be on her favorite show, Fantasy House, she will make enough money or even win the show to jumpstart her life quicker. 
Something goes wrong when Heather arrives at the wrong audition. Instead of the network show, she is at the adult cable version Phantasy House and her life will never be the same again.


Fang-Filled Weekend:

Other World Agency

What’s a girl to do when she owes her estranged parents a ton of money?

Riley, Ricki and Reese are triplet sisters that have been screwed over by their parents and the courts.

In order to make enough money to pay their debts, they apply to the Other World Agency. 

Is Riley just selling herself for sex? Or might this be the best job interview ever?



Other World Agency

When Reese Temple applied at The Other World agency she thought it was going to be working as an assistant. Instead she has three men at her door claiming that she is their mate.
Dillon, Oliver and Ryan are part of a declining shifter race of lions, they need a mate. Their last resort is human females. But what they didn’t count on is that they want Reese’s heart, body and soul.


UnCharted Reality:

An Other World Agency

Ricki Temple always loved reality television. When she is given the chance to take part in a reality show, she doesn’t think twice. But this show is on the planet Imhotep, starring Draco and Nyssa, Imhotep’s top reality stars. When her final audition is interrupted by someone that shouldn’t want to do her harm, Draco, Nyssa and the mysterious Sir come to her rescue. 
Join Ricki’s adventure as she discovers close encounters of the sexy kind.


Sexual Chemistry: Sex,Love, Rock and Roll 

Do I look like someone that gets offended LOL
Chelsea Davidson has no idea what her next step in life is going to be. Until she runs into who she thinks is a lookalike for her favorite band’s lead singer, Jacki Knight. When the elevator breaks down, she finds out it is really Sexual Chemistry’s lead singer. When Jacki offers to fulfill her biggest fantasy, will Chelsea take her up on it?


Sexual Chemistry Too: Jasmine’s Seduction

Jasmine has been in love with Troy since they were teens.
But will another man make them both an offer that they can’t refuse?